LIZA bajarias
  Liza joined the team in 2015, two months after concluding her bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Newschool of Architecture + Design in downtown San Diego. She began her formal Architectural education at Saint Louis University in Baguio City, Philippines. Her education was punctuated by serving aboard the USS Kitty Hawk stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. This allowed her to travel countries along the Pacific Rim and the Middle East. She also crossed the equator to Australia and then back again to scale Mount Fuji. Liza lived on the island of Okinawa for 4 years. Both her son and daughter were born there.
  When not design or detailing projects at DZN, Liza gets lost in handwriting, drawing, graphic design, Nerf gun wars, photography, crochet, amassing books + ultra fine point pens, and studying to regain her Chess Queen title from her kids. Despite this hectic schedule, she is also squeezing in time to study and take the A.R.E. and looks forward to adding ARCHITECT to her Chess Queen Title.
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